SM Basic Products Magento 2

This guide will help you install SM Basic Products step by step.

At the basic level, this module will require the following condition:

  • Compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.0.x: Please follow Magento 2.0 Installation Guide to install if you do not have one.
  • Composer (latest stable version)
  • Apache 2.2 or late
  • PHP: 5.5.x,5.6.x and Memory_limit no less than 256Mb)
  • In the future if the conditions change, please check the Magento 2 documentation


  • Step 1: Download and extract the extension’s package on your computer and navigate inside the folder.
  • Step 2: Upload the folder named as app from the package to the root of your Magento site on your server
  • Step 3: On your server, right click and select ‘Use composer here’ to open Command Prompt
    • 1. Please type the following command into the dialog to clear the compiled code and cache:
    • 2. After running successfully the first command, type the following command into the dialog to set up fresh static content to deploy on our Magento store
  • Step 4: Go to Administration page to configure the extension
  • Important Note:

    • After installing extension, you should logout first and then login Admin Panel to ensure all functions work normally.
    • You should disable all caches in cache management in the installation and configuration process.


3.1 Layout module

3.2 Module Configuration

Note:We used the images of module’s installtion on Magento 2.x to illustrate

After installing, go to Stores -> Configuration and find SM Basic Products (in the left of column) to configure.
The parameters are divided into the following groups:

    • General settings
    • Source Options
    • Categories Options
    • Products Options
    • Image Options
    • Advanced Options

Let’s look at the parameters in detail:

General settings

  • Enable Extensions - Allow to enable/disable the module.
  • Display Title - Allow to enable/disable the title.
  • Title - Enter the title of the module.
  • Target - Allow to display the target link in Same Window/ New Window/ Popup Window
  • Column - Set the number of columns for devices:
    • For devices have screen width from 1200px up to greater.
    • For devices have screen width from 992px up to 1199px.
    • For devices have screen width from 768px up to 991px.
    • For devices have screen width from 480px up to 767px.
    • For devices have screen width less than or equal 479px.
  • Source Options

    • Select Source - Allow you to select source: catalog/ media or Product IDs.
    • Select Category - Allow you to select Category.
    • Child Category Products: Include or Exclude Products from Child Categories.
    • Category Depth: Allow to select the number of child category levels to return.
    • Featured Products: Allow to Show/Hide/Only Featured Products.
    • Product Field to Order By: Set Product Field to Order By.
    • Ordering Direction: Allow to order ascending/descending direction.
    • Product Limitation: Allow to set product limitation.

    Categories Options

    • Categories Title Display - Allow to display title of categories OR not.
    • Title Max Chars - Allow to enter max chars of category title. 0 to unlimit length.

    Products Options
    Product Title

      • Display - Allow to display title of product OR not.
      • Max Length - Allow to set the max length of title.

    Product Description

      • Display - Allow to display title of description OR not.
      • Max Length - Allow to set the max length of description.


    • Display Price - Allow to display price OR not.
    • Display Reviews Summary - Allow to display reviews summary OR not.
    • Display Add To Cart - Allow to display Add To Cart OR not
    • Display Add Wishlist - Allow to display Wishlist OR not.
    • Display Add Compare - Allow to display Add Compare OR not
    • Display Readmore Link - Allow to display Readmore link not.
    • Readmore Text - Allow to input name of Readmore text. For example: Details.
    Image Options
  • Get Image from Product Image
    • Get From Product Image - Allow to display Image of Product or NOT.
  • Get Image from Product Description
    • Get From Product Description - Allow to display Description of Product or NOT.
    • Order to Get - Allow to order to get image with options such as product_image, product_description.
    • Resize - Allow you resize category image or NOT.
    • Image Width - Allow to set image width.
    • Image Height - Allow to set image height.
    • Background Color - Allow to set background color.
    • Image Replacement - Only when the product has no image, the module will take photos from placeholder to replace.
  • Advanced Options

    • Pre-text - The content to show at the top of module.
    • Post-text - The content to show at the end of module.
    • Caching - Allow to choose to cache the content of module.
    • Cache Time - Allow to choose the time (in seconds) before the module is recached.

    3.3 Page Configuration

    • If you want to display this module on any page that you want, Please go to CMS > Page > Edit SM Basic Products > Tab Content and add this code:

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