SM Slider

This guide will help you install SM Slider step by step.
When you buy the module the first time, you will have the latest version. After the first release, we will update this module regularly, then please check newer versions when informed here

1REQUIREMENT - Back to top

At the basic level, this module will require the following conditions:

  • Compatible with version Magento 1.4.x -> 1.9.x

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2.1 Extension Installation

  • Step 1: Download and unzip extension contents on your computer and navigate inside the extracted folder.
  • Step 2: Upload folders skin and app from our download package to your Web server’s document root (from here on, referenced as {docroot}). You should see a directory layout like this:

    {docroot} /magento/

    • Step 3: Login your Magento Admin
    • Step 4: Navigate to System => Configuration => find SM Slider module (in the left of column) to configure module

      • Step 5: You will see installed extension, click extension’s name tab to go to extension configuration page.

OR you also install the step following:

Step 1: In the Administrator page, Navigate to System >> Magento Connect >> Magento Connect Management

Step 2: Click Browse and Upload package file

Important Note:

  • After installing extension, you should logout first and then login Admin Panel to ensure all functions work normally.
  • You should disable all caches in cache management in the installation and configuration process.

2.2 Extension Position Installation

  • If you want to display this module on any page that you want, please go to CMS -> Page -> Edit (for example “Home page“) item ->Tab Content, add this Content code as following:



3.1 Below is module layout

3.2 Module Configuration

Notes:We used the images of module’s installtion on Magento 1.9.x to illustrate

After installing, go to System -> Configuration and find SM Slider (in the left of column) to configure.
The parameters are divided into the following groups:

    • General settings
    • Source Options
    • Products Options
    • Image Options
    • Effect Options
    • Advanced Options

Let’s look at the parameters in detail:

General settings

  • Enable/Disable - Allow you to enable/disable the module
  • Set # Columns for each devices:
    • For devices have screen width from 1200px to greater.
    • For devices have screen width from 768px up to 1199px.
    • For devices have screen width from 480px up to 767px.
    • For devices have screen width less than or equal 479px.
  • #Column: Set #column for screen width less than or equal 479px
  • Title of Slider: Allow to input title of slider
  • Link Target: Set #column for screen width less than or equal 479px
    • New window - Open the link in the new window/tab
    • Same window - Open the link in the same window/tab
    • Popup window - Open links in new pop-up window
  • Select Layout: Allow to select layout
  • Show Control: Allow to show control OR not
  • Control Type: Allow to select control type
  • Control Position: Allow to select control position
    • Top
    • Middle
    • Bottom
Source Options 
  • Product Source : Allow you to select product source
  • Select Category: Allow you select to category
  • Child Category Products: Include or Exclude Products from Child Categories.
  • Category Depth: Allow to select the number of child category levels to return.
  • Featured Products: Allow to Show/Hide/Only Featured Products
  • Product Field to Order By: Set Product Field to Order By
  • Ordering Direction: Allow to order ascending/descending direction
  • Product Limitation: Allow to set product limitation

Products Options
Product Title

    • Display : Allow you to display product title OR not
    • Max Length: Allow you set max length of product tile

Product Description

    • Display: Allow to display product description OR not
    • Max Length: Allow you set max length of product description


  • Display Price: Allow to display price OR not
  • Display Reviews Summary: Allow to display display reviews summary OR not
  • Display Readmore Link: Allow to display readmore link OR not
  • Readmore Text: Allow to display readmore text OR not

Image Options
Product Image
Get Image from Product Image

  • Product Image : Allow you to display product image OR not
  • Product Description: Allow you display product description OR not
  • Order to Get: Allow to order to get image with options such as product_image, product_description
  • Resize: Allow you resize product image OR not
  • Image Width: Allow to set image width
  • Image Height: Allow to set image height
  • Constrain Only: Allow to display readmore link OR not
  • Keep Aspect Ratio: Allow to keep aspect ratio. If the “keepAspectRatio” parameter is set to true, in this case the proportions of the image will not be modified.
  • Keep Transparency: The “keepTransparency” parameter keep the transparent background of the images.
  • Keep Frame: The “keepFrame” parameter guarantees that the image will be not cropped. When “keepAspectRatio” is false the “keepFrame” will not work
  • Background Color: Allow to set background color
  • Placeholder: If items do not have image, it will get image nophoto

Effect Options

  • Auto Play - Allow to Enable/Disable autoplay mode
  • Start - Allow to set page that is displayed at first when you run slideshow
  • Step - Set the number of items for each slide transition
  • Speed - Set time for speed of slide transitions
  • Interval - Allow you to set duration to change to next slide.
  • Stop On Hover - Allow to pause slide when you hover

Advanced Options

  • Include jQuery - Use jQuery from this module or not
  • Pre-text - The content to show at the top of module
  • Post-text - The content to show at the end of module
4SUPPORT - Back to top 

Thank you so much for purchasing this module. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Support Tickets System

Thanks so much!